Tile Trim (73)

Dural Colour Matched Brass Movement Joint
Genesis BACA Connector For Genesis BAA Balcony Trim in black
The different surfaces of Genesis FTS Tactile 25mm Anti Slip Discs
Genesis ETA Aluminium Pro Tile Trim
Genesis EDQ Stainless Steel Tile Trim Contour Metal Corners (2 Pack)
Genesis TCR Fast Fit Ramp System
Genesis ESB Brass Straight Edge Tile Trim used in a corner tiling project
Genesis TDG Aluminium Contour Tile Trim
Genesis BAF Aluminium Balcony Angle Tile Trim being installed in adhesive
Bright stainless steel Genesis EAC Round Metal Tile Trim Corners with matching tile trim
Genesis EET Corners to match EAT Trims

Tile trims are edge coverings that create clean lines in your project, whilst protecting the edges of your tiles. Trims are often used to give your project a professional finish and transition from one area to another. Tile trims reduce the stress on tiles by allowing some lateral movement absorption and also help to absorb impact stresses, decreasing the risk of damage to your tiled surface.