Tile Trim (73)

Genesis ECG Corners to match TDG Trims
Genesis ESS Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim
Black External Genesis Corners For Genesis BAA Balcony Trim
Genesis EIQ Internal corners for EAQ trims
Genesis 10mm EAA Self-Adhesive Retro-Fit Corner Protector used on a tile corner
Dural stainless steel Movements Joints with an purple insert
Genesis MHS Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Movement Joint
Black External Genesis Corners For Genesis BAF Balcony Trim
Matt Silver Genesis BACF Connector For Genesis BAF Balcony Trim
Genesis KB Surface Heat Protecting Tactiles pictured underneath a hot pot
Genesis MMA Medium Duty Aluminium Movement Joint

Tile trims are edge coverings that create clean lines in your project, whilst protecting the edges of your tiles. Trims are often used to give your project a professional finish and transition from one area to another. Tile trims reduce the stress on tiles by allowing some lateral movement absorption and also help to absorb impact stresses, decreasing the risk of damage to your tiled surface.