Tile Trim (73)

Dural Duraflex Aluminium Expansion Joint
Genesis ERA Aluminium Round Edge Trim
Genesis ESQ Round Edge Stainless Steel Tile Trim
Schluter Schiene E stainless steel tile trim being used to transition between a tile and carpet floor covering.
Dural Floretostep Aluminium Stair Nosing (1m)
Genesis TCS Aluminium Flat Cover Strip
Dural perimeter joints with epoxy infills that  can be colour matched to any RAL colour
A perimeter movement joint made from stainless steel with a colour matched epoxy fill made by Dural UK
Dural Duraflex Steel Expansion Joint
Genesis ECQ Corners to match ESQ Trims
Genesis EDS - Stainless Steel Dividing Strip
Genesis FTCA Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Pathway Tactile

Tile trims are edge coverings that create clean lines in your project, whilst protecting the edges of your tiles. Trims are often used to give your project a professional finish and transition from one area to another. Tile trims reduce the stress on tiles by allowing some lateral movement absorption and also help to absorb impact stresses, decreasing the risk of damage to your tiled surface.