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DEVImat Underfloor Heating

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DEVImat™ electric underfloor heating mats are self-adhesive mesh underfloor heating mats that can be used with tiles on concrete floors. DTIR mats have pre-attached thin cables, ensuring that there is an even distribution of heat throughout the room, and have an extremely sticky adhesive, which makes them easy to install. DTIR mats are also ultra thin to ensure they don't significantly raise the level of the floor, making them perfect for use in wet rooms.

The DEVImat™ range offers great value for money as the mats are low energy consumers yet provide a warm and inviting environment. The mats are durable and can be used in domestic and public buildings. Typical application areas include kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, hallways and conservatories.

The DTIR mats are available in a wide range of sizes, have a 100% aluminium earth sheild and a high grade lead-free PVC outer sheath. We recommend that the mats are used with the DEVIreg™ Touch Thermostat (sold separately) for best results.

DEVI Underfloor Heating is the world's leading manufacturer of intelligent electrical floor heating systems and offers a 10 year warranty on its heating cables and heating mats.

DEVImat Underfloor Heating
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DEVImat Underfloor Heating Products

DEVImat DTIR-100 for Timber (100W / m2)

DEVImat DTIR-100 Timber Floors (100W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIR-100-Timber-Underfloor-Heating

DEVImat DTIR-150 for Concrete (150W / m2)

DEVImat DTIR-150 Concrete Floors (150W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIR-150-Concrete-Underfloor-Heating

DEVImat DTIF-200 for Concrete (200W / m2)

DEVImat DTIF-200 Concrete Floors (200W Capacity / m<sup>2</sup>) - Available in a Range of Sizes

Item #: DEVImat-DTIF-200-Concrete-Underfloor-Heating

DEVIreg Touch Thermostat

DEVIreg Touch Electric Heating Thermostat - Available in White, Polar White and Black

Item #: DEVIreg-Touch-Thermostat

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