Schluter DITRA Matting (30m Roll)

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  • Decoupling membrane designed to absorb movement from the substrate & protect the tiled surface
  • Completely waterproof & provides equalisation of vapour pressure
  • Crack bridging ability up to 1.5mm
  • Tile coverings installed on top of Schlüter-DITRA 25 are highly load resistant
  • New improved design for 2022 for easy cutting & filling
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Schluter DITRA Matting is a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities. Each cavity has dovetail configurations cut in the back and an anchoring fleece laminated to the underside of the membrane for enhanced adhesion. DITRA Matting is 1 metre wide and only 3mm thick and provides the thinnest possible layer without sacrificing performance, making it a universal substrate for tile covering. It serves as an uncoupling layer for problematic surfaces, crack bridging, and a waterproofing membrane.

Schluter DITRA Matting can be used for both floor and wall applications on a wide range of surfaces including timber, concrete, mortar screeds, gypsum-based screeds, heated screeds and mixed substrates. DITRA Matting is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, providing a decoupling layer between the underfloor heating and the tiles. In addition, DITRA Matting also serves as a water vapour pressure equaliser by incorporating a special layer that accommodates moisture occurring underneath the substrate.

The matting is made from non-rotting material and is highly resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols and oils. Since the matting is made of waterproof polypropylene, DITRA installations can be made waterproof with minimal effort. Schluter recommends using their Schluter Kerdi Coll Sealing Adhesive and their Schluter Keba Seaming Tape for sealing the seams and floor/wall connections. We cut Schluter DITRA Matting to the length you need it, from 1 metre lengths to 30 metres rolls, meaning you never buy more than you need!

Features & Benefits of the Schluter DITRA Matting

  • Completely waterproof
  • Resistant to movement and a range of solvents, alcohols & oils
  • Moisture load class according to ZDB: 0 to B0 and A
  • Can be used for traffic loads up to 3 kN/m²
  • Crack bridging ability up to 1.5mm
  • Can be installed on both walls and floors
  • Assumed intended working life of 25 years
  • Perfect for timber, concrete and screed floors

How to install Schluter Ditra Matting

Installing Ditra matting is an easy 3 step process!

1. Make sure that the substrate you're fixing the matting to is clean. The substrate must be free of bond inhibiting components, be load bearing and be even. Any unevenness in the substrate must be levelled prior to the application of Ditra matting.

2. Apply the bonding adhesive to the substrate using a notched trowel. Ardex AF200 is the ideal bonding solution, although anydrate screeds may require additional preparation to ensure the substrate is dry and ready to recieve adhesive. We recommend the Ardex B1 2mm notched trowel for use with decoupling membranes. The adhesive must bond to the substrate and mechanically anchor the fleece on the underside of the Ditra Matting. You can verify the compatibility of all materials prior to installation either with our friendly Tile Fix Direct customer service team, or with Schluter.

3. Individual courses of Ditra matting should be cut to size. Solidly embed the anchoring fleece on the underside of your matting in the adhesive so that its entire surface is bonded and immediately work it into the adhesive using a float or screed trowel. Please observe the open time of the bonding adhesive. When initially positioning Ditra Matting, it is advisable to align and position the matting while slightly stretching it. Application is made easier with a second person. The side edges and ends of individual courses are cut straight and abutted.

Note: If Schluter Ditra matting is only installed as an uncoupling membrane, side edges and ends of individual courses do not need to be sealed with Schluter Kerdi-Keba tape. Please refer to the instructions for waterproofing if the membrane is to serve as a waterproofing layer.

Once installed, the matting must be protected against heavy mechanical loads to avoid loosening it from the substrate or other damage. It is advisable to place running boards (especially in the centre of material transports) to protect it. Other protective measures, such as shielding of direct sunlight or protection from precipitation in exterior applications, may also be required. Carefully remove any moisture that may have gathered in the indentations of the studs before applying the thin-bed tile adhesive during tiling.

Immediately after Ditra matting is installed, the tiles can be laid and set using the thin-bed method and using a bonding tile adhesive that matches the requirements of the covering. It is recommeded to fill the square cavities with the smooth side of the trowel and to establish a regular pattern in the bonding adhesive with the notched side of the trowel in one application. The tiles are fully embedded in the adhesive. Fully embedded installation of tiles in accordance with the applicable professional standards is particularly important for coverings with high traffic loads and in outdoor areas. The notches of the trowel must match the format and thickness of the tiles, so as to achieve solid bedding. Please observe the open time of your tile adhesive. The adhesive bed over Schluter Ditra matting should not exceed 10mm. For movement joints as control joints, expansion joints, or connection joints please follow the instructions given in the product data sheet as well as the applicable industry regulations.

Note: Thin-bed tile adhesive and the covering materials selected for use with Schluter Ditra Matting must be suitable for the corresponding application and must meet the requirements of the site. Materials used in exterior applications must be waterproof as well as resistant to frost and weather.

Schluter Ditra matting should be used primarily as a waterproofing layer when installing cover materials that are sensitive to moisture (e.g. natural stone or synthetic resin panels) or if moisture is expected to build up on the underside (e.g. in the case of green screed). When Ditra matting is installed in exterior applications, special protective measures may be required; e.g. shielding the installation from direct sunlight. The use of rapid setting thin-bed adhesives may be an advantage for certain projects.

Schluter Ditra matting should be covered with protective running boards if the transport of material makes it necessary to walk over the matting.

Movement Joints

Schluter Ditra matting must be separated at existing movement joints. Movement joints must be continued in the tile covering, as specified by the applicable industry standards. In all other cases, large area floor assemblies installed over Ditra matting must be subdivided into smaller fields with the help of movement joints. The distance between such control joints in exterior applications (balconies and terraces) should not exceed three metres. Depending on the construction of the substrate, field sizes may need to be smaller. 

It must be assured that no tension can build at the edge of coverings, e.g. at upright construction elements or floor to wall transitions. The edge profiles and connective joints have to meet the requirements of the corresponding construction standards and must be suitable to prevent the build up of tensions.

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What our customers say

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Best price for ditra mat

Frequently asked questions about Schluter Ditra Matting

What is the purpose of Ditra matting?

Ditra matting provides reliable waterproofing and decoupling in interior and exterior applications. Its polyethylene composition protects the substrate from moisture penetration, which is particularly important in today's building environment where most substrates are moisture sensitive.

What kind of adhesive should I use with Ditra matting?

Apply a layer bonding adhesive like Ardex AF200 to the level substrate using a 3x3mm or 4x4mm notched trowel. Cut DITRA matting to size if required, then embed the anchoring fleece on the underside of the matting into the adhesive so that its entire surface is strongly bonded.

How long does Ditra need to set before tiling?

Once DITRA has been installed on the substrate, tile can be installed right away. No need to wait for the mortar to cure.

Where can I use Ditra matting?

Ditra matting can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including: concrete, mortar screeds, gypsum based screeds, radiant heated screeds and masonry/mixed substrates.

Which side of Ditra matting goes down?

Ditra matting should only ever go fleece side down. Apply the matting to the floor, fleece side down. Work the Ditra into the mortar, using a float or screed trowel in such a way that the fleece of the Ditra is solidly embedded in the bonding mortar throughout its entire surface (please observe the open time of the bonding mortar).

How thick is Ditra matting?

Ditra 25 matting is 3.5mm thick and minimises tile assembly thickness and reduces transitions to lower surface coverings.

Can Ditra matting be used with underfloor heating?

Schluter DITRA membrane is particularly useful when installing underfloor heating and provides a decoupling layer between the underfloor heating and the tiles.

Does Ditra prevent cracks?

Ditra matting prevents the main cause of cracking on a tiled surface through uncoupling. It provides reliable waterproofing for installations that are not exposed to constant water pressure, and provides a route for excess moisture and vapor to escape from the substrate.

How does Ditra matting come from Tile Fix Direct?

Ditra matting is available in cut lengths from Tile Fix Direct. Cut lengths will be delivered in continuous runs. For example; If you order 5 metres of Ditra matting you will receive a 5 metre long continuous length. Ditra matting is also available in full 30m rolls.

How wide is Ditra matting?

Schluter Ditra matting is 1m wide.

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What our customers say

Posted by A Reviewer on 13th Dec 2022

Best price for ditra mat

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