Schluter DITRA-HEAT | Schluter Electric Underfloor Heating Schluter DITRA-HEAT | Schluter Electric Underfloor Heating Schluter DITRA-HEAT DUO is a combined decoupling and underfloor heating system. Free delivery on orders over 150

Schluter Ditra-Heat Duo Matting

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Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Matting is a decoupling and waterproofing membrane as well as an underfloor heating cable carrier made from polyethylene. It features a cut-back stud structure and an additional 2mm thick thermal barrier fleece laminated to the underside. The membrane neutralises the stresses caused by movement between the subfloor and the tiles to minimise the risk of cracked tiles and adhesion failure. The fleece acts as a barrier to heat loss to the sub floor which will have the effect of making the floor feel warmer and helps reduce impact sound by up to 50% (13dBs).

Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Matting is designed to be used on both walls and floors. Schluter DITRA HEAT E HK Heating Cables snap easily into place on the special anchoring fleece without any need for clips or fasteners - speeding up your install time! You are not limited by cable placement either as the cable can be installed wherever necessary in the matting. This means you can install the heating cables exactly under the areas you want to heat. In addition, added thermal break barrier results in approximately 80% more heat being directed to the tile surface than other matting. This makes Schluter DITRA HEAT DUO Matting one of the most effective and cost efficient under tile heating solutions around and perfect to use as part of a Ditra electric underfloor heating system

Features and Benefits of Schluter DITRA Matting

  • DITRA Matting is waterproof, making it a better substrate than cement boards
  • Resistant to movement and a wide range of solvents, alcohols and oils
  • Moisture load class according to ZDB: 0 to B0 and A
  • Can be used for traffic loads up to 3 kN/m
  • Crack bridging ability up to 1.5mm
  • Assumed intended working life of 25 years
  • Featuring a 2mm thick thermal barrier fleece
  • Easily clip underfloor heating cables in place
  • 80% more efficient at directing heat into the tiles
  • Up to 13dBs of sound reduction
Schluter DITRA-HEAT-DUO Uncoupling & Thermal Bridge Matting - Per Sq M

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