Schluter KERDI Board Schluter KERDI Board Schluter KERDI board is a tile backer and insulation board suitable for use with all substrates and tiles.


Schluter KERDI Board Tile Backer Board covers a broad range of application areas for creating level, waterproof substrates for the installation of ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Schluter KERDI Board tile backer and insulation boards can be used to create a straight, even and waterproof base for ceramic and natural stone tiles. The boards are lightweight, waterproof, insulating, vapour retardant, dust free and easy to cut. The printed gridlines on the Schluter KERDI BOARD make precise cutting quick and easy, allowing you to use the boards for floors, walls, shelves, coverings and partition walls, with all types of substrates and tiles. With suitable preparation of the joint areas, these structural panels may be used for officially approved bonded waterproofing assemblies.

Schluter KERDI Board Tile Backer Boards are made from an extruded XPS hard foam substrate, making them hard wearing but extremely lightweight to work with. KERDI Boards have a cement-free reinforcement layer laminated onto both sides, together with an anchoring fleece webbing. Schluter are known for their high quality products, and these boards are no different. They are completely level and will remain free of distortion and decay. In addition, KERDI boards are highly stable and will not rot even with one side exposed to temperature and moisture fluctuations. The surface of the board has printed gridlines consisting of 10 x 10 mm squares printed on one side meaning you can make accurate cuts every time. The boards are also easily cut with a standard working knife. The board itself is waterproof and can be used to create completely waterproof rooms using the correct joint preparation. Schluter Kerdi Boards can withstand all chemical stresses that typically occur during tiling and installation.

Tile Fix Direct is an authorised national distributor for Schluter products. Our fully trained staff can provide technical information, obtain manufacturers' support, and offer the best possible price for the Schluter range including DITRA matting.

Benefits of Schluter KERDI Boards

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to cut to size with a knife
  • Can be used on all substrates
  • Suitable for use with both ceramic and natural stone tiles
  • Printed guidelines on the board
  • Dust free composition when cutting
  • Suitable for creating level substrates on walls & floors
  • Waterproof boards - perfect for use in bathrooms
  • Resistant to chemical stresses of tile coverings
  • 10 year warranty
Schluter Kerdi-Board - Available in 1250 x 625mm in a Range of Thicknesses
Item # Schluter-KERDI-Board

From1+: £22.26 inc. VAT £18.55 ex. VAT10+: £17.58 inc. VAT £14.65 ex. VAT
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Schluter Kerdi-Board 9mm (2600 x 625mm)
Item # SHKB2600-9

1+: £33.60 inc. VAT£28.00 ex. VAT10+: £29.40 inc. VAT£24.50 ex. VAT
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Schluter Kerdi-Board 19mm (2600 x 625mm)
Item # SHKB2600-19

1+: £37.20 inc. VAT£31.00 ex. VAT10+: £31.20 inc. VAT£26.00 ex. VAT
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Schluter Kerdi-Board 5mm (1250 x 625mm)
Item # SHKB1250-5

1+: £23.40 inc. VAT£19.50 ex. VAT10+: £17.80 inc. VAT£14.83 ex. VAT
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Schluter Kerdi-Board 12.5mm (1250 x 625mm)
Item # SHKB1250-12-5

1+: £22.26 inc. VAT£18.55 ex. VAT10+: £17.58 inc. VAT£14.65 ex. VAT
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